Who is greg kinnear dating

The next year he appeared in the remake of the 1954 classic "Sabrina," and in 1996, he was cast in the leading role in the comedy "Dear God," which received less than stellar reviews.

After "As Good As It Gets," however, the blandly handsome and winningly sarcastic Kinnear struck gold again in 1998’s "You’ve Got Mail," opposite Meg Ryan.

He then headed to Los Angeles where he worked as a marketing assistant before trying his luck as a performer.

His first foray into the world of the big screen was in the comedy "Blankman," 1994.

Led his ordinary life with his two brothers, James and Steve, the siblings were often brought by their parents Edward and Suzanne Kinnear, moving in and out from one country to another, reaching Beirut, Lebanon up to Athens, Greece.

The failure did not end up as a total doomsday, for he then, using an audition tape from the failed attempt at an MTV VJ position, became a host and on-location reporter for the channel.This beautiful bond of marriage between these two has been rumored to be in the verge of breaking. The actor himself told the parade magazine in 1996 that "With Helen, it's very serious, one of the great loves," "My parents have been married for 40 years, and, from what I've seen just living out here, the idea of divorce scares me.I want to have a marriage and kids, but I've got to do it right the first time." He is still in love and in marriage with Helen, they’ve got kids too.But instead of breaking, their relationship came out stronger than before and now they are proud parents of three beautiful daughters, eldest Lily Katherine born in 2003, Audrey Mae born in 2006 and youngest Kate Grace born in 2009.Greg Kinnear does value his greatest prize after all. If so, what will happen to the custody of their daughters? This is just another false rumor and they are as strong as ever.

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