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Compare Ret Gone, where the affected person is erased from existence, and It's a Wonderful Plot, where they are not, but it's shown what the world would be like if they were.

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Son el más antiguo precedente de los primeros documentos impresos de que se tiene memoria.

Esta transmisión oral tenía el inconveniente de los «ruidos» que deformaban el mensaje.

La mayoría de las veces era el narrador (rapsoda, aeda, juglar) quien en función de sus intereses la deformaba de una u otra forma.

: the systematic removal of all evidence of a character's existence, either through mundane conspiracy or a little bit of Applied Phlebotinum (e.g., Laser-Guided Amnesia). This is more commonly done in enclosed or isolated areas, where it's easier to track evidence.

This can lead to characters tracking the shreds of evidence the hiders left behind.

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