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Does Chapter 297, Laws of New Mexico 1983, require both the referenced positions and the employees occupying those positions to be exempt?In other words, does the State of New Mexico have legal authority to make payments to state employees II on account of sickness"?NMSA 1978, may charge a "non-filing insurance" fee in lieu of charging fees for filing security agreements with county officials.

May incumbent Santa Fe City Council members, unable to receive pay increases voted for new council members but who assume duties and responsibilities not assumed by all members, receive additional compensation for the performance of such duties? Can the Financial Institutions Division issue a trust company certificate to a New Mexico Corporation if all of its common stock is owned by an out-of-state bank holding company? If a trust certificate is issued, can the resulting trust company operate in the main office or branches of banks owned by the holding company?

Whether a title insurance company acting as escrow agent can retain for its own benefit interest paid by a financial institution on escrow accounts without express permission from the customer or written contract allowing this payment of interest as compensation. Whether the Public Employees' Retirement Board's administrator's agreement with PEBSCO, which expires in October, 1987, must be let for proposals pursuant to the Procurement Code, Sections 13-1-28 to 13-1-199 NMSA 1978. Whether section 2 of SB 282 amended 13-1-98 of the Procurement Code to permit local public bodies to enter into contracts with an independent contractor for construction and operation of a jail facility without competitive bidding.

Is private property discovered to contain human remains presumed to be soldiers killed in the battle of Glorieta on March 28, 1862, a cemetery within the meaning of Section 30-12-12 NMSA 1978 so as to require the Museum Division of the Office of Cultural Affairs to petition the district prior to excavating the site and disinterring the remains pursuant to the Cultural Properties Act, Sections 18-6-1 through 18-6-7 NMSA 1978 (Cum. May the department of education implement the provisions contained in article XII, section 6, paragraph E of the New Mexico Constitution notwithstanding the lack of legislation transferring the powers now vested in the office education? Anna Ulrich, retired pursuant to the provisions of the Educational Retirement Act, resume employment with the Department of Education without suspension of her educational retirement benefits? Whether section 2 of SB 282 amended 13-1-98 of the Procurement Code to exempt the financing and design of a jail facility provided under sections 33-3-26 and 33-3-27 NMSA 1978 from the Code.

Article V, section 1 of the City Charter of the City of Albuquerque provides in part that no elector may be a candidate for the office of Mayor who holds a full-time elective office other than Mayor or Mayor Pro Tern. Does the State of New Mexico have authority under .

State law to pursue any legal remedies, including the authority to initiate legal proceedings in a court of competent jurisdiction, as may be necessary to prevent the withholding of medically indicated treatment from disabled infants with life-threatening conditions?

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