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Color-matched hard bags came standard on 2007 to 2009 models, as well as a taller screen and raised handlebar for improved touring.

I have seen motivated sellers letting these bikes go for as little as ,500 fully loaded.

If you are considering a “new” used bike this year, here are my suggestions for a few affordable favorites under ,000 to keep on the lookout for.The 2005 to 2006 models offer up a few more horsepower and an increased redline, but any version of this four-year run will have you grinning like a goon. Suzuki SV650, 2003-2008: This bike was redesigned in 2003 with a long list of upgrades, including fuel injection and a modified frame. Everyone should own one of these bikes at least once. You may have to shop awhile, because many of these have been converted to track-day bikes or pressed into duty for amateur racing, but if you pay more than ,500, you have spent too much money.Yamaha FZ-1, 2001-2005: The FZ-1 continues in Yamaha’s lineup to this day, but the first-generation carbureted versions are going to be your best chance for finding a “Craigslist steal.” All you give up by buying a first-gen instead of the newer model is the latter's abrupt fuel injection.The Sprint ST 1050 was never a huge seller and is often overlooked in the world of sport-touring rides.This keeps prices low while the fun factor of this bike is through the roof! Triumph Sprint ST 1050, 2005-2009: This bike sells itself with a test ride.

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