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aspdotnet-suresh offers C#articles and tutorials,csharp dot net,articles and tutorials, VB.Introducción En este articulo analizaremos algunas alternativas utilizadas para trabajar con alertas o pedir confirmación, mediante cuadros de mensaje en un proyecto web.Jisun changes the product name to "Chai Tea" and clicks the Update button. At this point in time, the database has the values "Chai Tea," the category Beverages, the supplier Exotic Liquids, and so on for this particular product.

For web applications that only allow users to view data, or for those that include only a single user who can modify data, there's no threat of two concurrent users accidentally overwriting one another's changes.Suele suceder que a veces se necesita crear script con cierto dinamismo que solo se logra con código .net, de esta forma ese código javascript creado puede asignarse a un evento en un control para ser ejecutado.: Hace uso de la propiedad On Client Click para definir el método javascript definido en la pagina.Can you see the aspx for both buttons and compare, may be you can find a clue that I can not until now: Roshmon, Thanks a lot, the culprit is the update panel.When I added the btn Delete in a separate Update Panel, the btn Delete is disabled/enabled as desired.

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