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Joining Stahl on editorial for later editions will be several part-time and freelance writers, carefully selected for their experience.“We have Georgina Safe, who is coming on board as our fashion and grooming contributor. I wanted a watch person in Singapore as it’s a great hub internationally and he has his finger on the pulse of what is coming to Australia. Chris Morrison, who was the sommelier at my brother in-law’s restaurant, has a lovely, technical, and yet interesting way of writing about wine,” Stahl said of his incoming editorial team.caught up with the editor of the soon-to-launch Australian edition of the luxury lifestyle magazine, Stahl was apologising for feeling jetlagged.Just back from holiday, Stahl has just spent the last few weeks visiting Sardinia and France where the week before he was at the Le Mans Classic.

Like a lot of people in Australia, I picked up copies when at an international airport. The brand proposition occupies an interesting space within the market.

“They were approached before I came on board to do the production side of things.

It was then realised they needed someone with automotive, watch, and luxury/lifestyle experience to oversee all of that,” Stahl revealed.

Georgina has been a fashion writer for 20 years or more and writes for . While has not been widely available in Australia, the magazine’s US edition does have a couple of hundred subscribers in Australia.

Stahl, himself, hasn’t always had regular access to the magazine.“When I was living in Paris from 2000-04, it was one of the magazines that every month I would go up to WH Smith and just gorge on Anglophone magazines.

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