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But for Bryan, much of the credit goes in great part to that unplanned winter retreat in Maine.“I think that the patience and solitude roots back to the fact that we could lose track of time and exhaust the music and the writing.However, I am leaving it in because it does (2013).After Everything Everything warmed up the place, and left us super pumped to say the least, The Joy Formidable entered with a bang.

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They played with spunk and with what some might call “pizazz.” I hate that I just wrote that.On Wednesday night, I had the great opportunity to see The Joy Formidable play at Double Door in Chicago (for free I might add).Not only did the band live up to their incredibly experienced career opening for bands like Foo Fighters, The Black Keys, and even Sir Paul Mc Cartney, but their confidence and skill was definitely displayed and surprised even the biggest of fans at the show.We were left breathless, but not too breathless to cheer and practically beg for more. ” I highly recommend seeing The Joy Formidable live if you are ever given the chance.They proceeded to play three more songs before calling it a night. They are currently on tour now and you can find their tour dates and locations here.

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