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The three major areas of consideration are atheism, pantheism, and monotheism and how to deal with each of them according to the truth of Christianity.

Life Applications Syllabus - Male Life Applications Syllabus - Female Global Studies Global Studies is an elective course for high school students.

Program benefits include: Survey of the Bible In a world where a basic knowledge and understanding of the Bible can be difficult to attain, this course acts as a tool to help individuals gain a “big picture” perspective of God’s Word.

In particular, this course will give students a glimpse as to how God has worked throughout history to initiate and carry out His plan of redemption for the human race, through His Son, Jesus Christ.

The Life of Jesus – Jesus Christ being the central figure of all human history, this section of the course is dedicated to a better understanding of the cultural, political and historical environment of Jesus Christ.Students will not only learn about missions, but they will also be given opportunities to display their knowledge of the material and apply it to both everyday life and world outreach.Global Studies Syllabus Intercultural Communications Intercultural communications will equip sudents with the understanding, skills and potential motivators necessary to effectively understand and incarnate the gospel, understand and navigate culture, and engage culture and cultures with the gospel in transformative ways. This course is the beginning of a wonderful journey of learning what God wants for us as women.As students read to understand literature, they will be able to reflect on the literary works through various styles of writing, including: creative writing, expository writing, essay and short answer responses, and thoughtful literary analysis.The writing portion of 11th grade will also include a full research module in which students will be able to go through the various stages of creating a proper, grade-level appropriate research project, culminating with a well-developed research paper.

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