Mystery dating tips

A homicide case was opened but closed for lack of evidence.

Parker, who believes Barclay is dead, even went digging for a body.

People who were spanked as children, but not otherwise physically abused, are still more likely to be violent in relationships.

A new study out of the University of Texas is the first of its kind to control for “child abuse,” focusing on parents who just spank.

For the 107 million single Americans navigating the dating world, the calendar year has its own unique benchmarks, including “Draft Season” and “The Turkey Drop,” as well as trendy terms such as “situation-ship” and “baecation.” A community organizer in New York is giving out free business suits to young men in high-crime neighborhoods.British filmmaker Bart Layton's award-winning documentary "The Imposter" revisits an unsolved San Antonio mystery and makes an implausible saga of deception seem, at the very least, not so far-fetched."The Imposter" is the chilling story of an unflinching, manipulative 23-year-old French con artist, Frédéric Bourdin, who took the identity of a long-missing San Antonio boy, Nicholas Barclay.On a Sunday night in 1987, Max Headroom became conspiracy theory fodder, when a person wearing a mask of the iconic ‘80s character interrupted two TV broadcasts in Chicago.“I just made a giant masterpiece for all the greatest world newspaper nerds!

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