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The forthcoming redenomination in Belarus was one of the main issues on the agenda.I was reported that the National Bank and the government have done a lot to ensure a calm transition to the new money. The head of state also noted that the redenomination which is, probably, considered an unpopular event to a certain extent will take place in the run-up to the parliamentary elections. Independence Day Congratulations of Sylvia Reed Curran of economic reforms to encourage foreign investment, As participants of this conference are well aware, our including successful unification of its exchange rates and. Watch and weigh A strengthening of your home currency say, the Sing dollar against the currency of the foreign asset means that you will suffer losses when you convert your proceeds back to the home currency.Second GDP estimate for Quarter 2 2016 Note: 1) Starting from 2016, GDP has been estimated according to the main methodological provisions of SNA 2008.Data for the previous year have been brought in line accordingly. 8 Companies Act 2006 (5) A company must not be re-registered as a public company if it appears to the registrar that (a) the company has resolved to reduce its share capital, (b) the reduction (i) is made under section 626 (reduction in connection with redenomination of share capital), (ii) is supported by a solvency statement in accordance with section 643, or (iii) has been confirmed. When asked whether the redenomination will help ensure the economic stability, Peter Dohlman said that strong and reliable economic policy measures are needed to create good prospects.If you are a victim of an ATM scam, report it to the local police.

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Events | The Official Internet Portal of the President... The banknotes of the 2000 series will be exchanged for banknotes and coins of the 2009 series; the ratio is 10,000:1. Any redenomination could occur at different rates (asymmetric redenomination) and/or rates other than the official foreign exchange rate. e-Registry : e-Submission Services Redenomination of Share Capital (Form NSC13). Variation of Rights Attached to Shares (Form NSC15). Belarus news | Minsk Region Executive Committee Belarus' budget for 2016 will be approved without taking the planned redenomination into account, First Deputy Finance Minister Maksim Yermolovich told Bel TA. Maksim Yermolovich expressed confidence that there would be no problems with the fulfillment of the obligations in connection with the forthcoming redenomination. According to the document, the official currency of the Republic of Belarus will be redenominated on 1 July 2016. dollar assets and liabilities subject to redenomination, as well as any gains or losses resulting from redenomination, are subject to substantial uncertainty. (3) A redenomination does not affect any rights or obligations of members under the companys articles, or any.A private company may reduce its share capital using a new solvency statement procedure.However, both private and public companies will be able to use the court approved procedure for capital reductions.

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