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17 October 1975 In this sequel to True Grit, John Wayne returns as Marshal Rooster Cogburn.After a band of drunken thugs overruns a small Indian Nation town, killing Minister Goodnight and raping the women folk, Eula Goodnight (Katherine Hepburn) enlists the aid of Marshal Cogburn to hunt them down and bring her father's killers to justice.

13 March 1975 King Arthur, accompanied by his squire, recruits his Knights of the Round Table, including Sir Bedevere the Wise, Sir Lancelot the Brave, Sir Robin the Not-Quite-So-Brave-As-Sir-Lancelot and Sir Galahad the Pure.The festival board of the Norwegian Animation Forum, the foundation behind the Fredrikstad Animation Festival, each year selects an honorary guest who stands out in the Nordic-Baltic animation scene for a lifelong career and contribution to the animation film.The Swedish journalist Elisabeth Lysander wrote a biografical book about Per Åhlin in 2013.Per Åhlin is most famous for his feature films and TV shows, such as (Resan till Melonia), Alfie Atkins (Alfons Åberg) and Christopher’s Christmas Mission (Sagan om Karl-Bertil Jonssons julafton).Per Åhlin has served as a distinctive figure within the Swedish film community and has been a driving force for the development of an animated industry in Sweden.

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