Just sign up and fuck no credit card

And yes, forcing a woman to swallow your cum by ramming your dick in her mouth until she gags is indeed anything but enjoyable for a woman. What I am talking about is a mutually enjoyable sexual act that both partners derive pleasure from.She might not like the taste and the consistency of your sperm.Nevertheless, she wants to share an intimate experience with you that has the power to bring you closer together.And it’s true, whenever a girl swallowed my cum, I felt a deeper connection with her than before. I am not lying when I say that a lot of girls told me that swallowing my semen was an important step for them – a step to a new level of physical and emotional connection. I already told you this when I shared a couple of things with you that make you more handsome and when I showed you ways to get noticed by women who wouldn’t notice you otherwise.After we men ejaculate in a woman’s mouth it is a no-brainer for us to choose her over all the girls who would mess up our bed. Swallowing your potential babies can be a great chance for her that her mouth is the only mouth that comes near your dick.That being said, she might even thing about being the only one in your bed for a very long time.With every Global Seducer who joins the community, your competition rises.Or like Arnold Schwarzenegger said it: than your competitors.

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You moan, your whole body starts to shake and with an ear-shattering scream you release hundreds of millions of potential offsprings into her mouth.Once she has found such a man, she wants to make sure that he chooses her over some other girl.Writing him a poem would be a great idea, even though it wouldn’t be as effective as swallowing his cum.Real sex comes with fears, insecurities, inhibitions, exploration and a deep physical connection.It’s not like in porn movies where some guy who already has a boner before she even touches him fucks her in every imaginable position until he ejaculates all over her face, without kissing or caressing her once. I believe that why swallowing cum is often seen as exploitation and a misogynistic male fantasy, is because a lot of people instantly think about the stuff they see in porn movies.

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