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She'd grind those heavy cheeks down against him, forcing his dick up through the warmth of her asscrack.Corey shuddered underneath his mother, still riding the high of his orgasm as he stared up at her.Susan was in fact "around" and eavesdropping on her son's one sided conversation with his old man.. There was the faintest of gags as she let his twitching dick rest firmly down her throat, though a quick inhale through her flared nostrils would calm the reflex.She heard every word of it from under Corey's desk, though the occasional extra loud squelch of her lewdly spread lips slurping down her son's dick would muffle the clarity. Drool leaked in copious amounts down the remainder of her son's shaft as she simply couldn't get the last quarter inch down... You're such a shrimp even that might do you some good Corey." There was a devious grin that tried to force it's way across the mother's spread lips as she heard her husband berate the boy, and her tongue would push it's way lewdly from her mouth to press against the base of Corey's dick, drenching that uncovered portion with saliva before she'd pull that warm organ back into her mouth to work the bulk of his hilted dick.The man sitting on the other side of the world looked to be in his forties, his hair just beginning to salt as he stared down his son. I have no idea why you even called Coach Mc Dunnal and signed me up for try-outs anyway." Corey winced a little, shifting himself in his seat.

A particularly hard lash of his mother's tongue nearly brought him over the edge then and there as his voice shuddered and caught at the back of his throat. " Corey was only managing to speak in fractal sentences at this point, and that his father was about to roll his eyes right out of their sockets was helping speed things up. Wh-whenever she lets me I make her a nice warm meeeaal..." That seemed to satisfy Corey's old man.She very casually slipped both of her hands along his thighs, pushing herself up and off the floor, she'd straddle her son.Susan's lips pressed wetly against his as she plopped her fat white ass in his lap.Susan revelled in the sounds of her son struggling to remain calm, and she'd skillfully part her lips, letting her tongue unfurl once more down to the base of his shaft before she'd climb a slimy, spit soaked ladder up to his crown. "At least tell me you're looking after your mother while I'm gone, alright? cooking dinner for her every now and then, or something? His lips would part to make some further remark, but beneath the table, Susan could feel the tell-tale signs of her son's impending orgasm.That lovely pink snake would circle her boy's glans as those eyes slipped back up to his face. The way his cock twitched against her palm, the soft catches of his lovely little breath.

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