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The twin KKK turbochargers work sequentially to reduce lag, the second spooling up from around 4500rpm – the same time as a second set of injectors starts squirting even more fuel into the combustion chambers.The 959 was the father of all the four-wheel-drive 911s that followed.Buyers could choose from Comfort or Sport editions when new, but just half a dozen or so of the latter were built.These were stripped of the variable ride height, central locking, electric windows, air-con and even the passenger-side door mirror.• The 959’s engine isn’t based on the 911’s; instead it’s derived from the flat-six found in the 935 and 956 racers.While the cylinder barrels are air-cooled, the four-valve double-overhead cam heads are water-cooled.• Any parts unique to the 959 are hugely expensive.

A car that still sports its original tool kit is very desirable.• Few 959s have covered a significant mileage so engine problems are more likely to stem from a lack of use, rather than wear.Cars driven sparingly can work fine if maintained properly, so make sure the engine has been started regularly and the oil and coolant changed frequently too; the latter helps prevent internal corrosion.Torque is transferred forward from the gearbox via a propshaft to the front differential, where clutch packs distribute the torque fed to the front wheels.A dial on the centre console applies settings for different road conditions, apportioning a maximum of 40% torque forwards – so the 959 is always predominantly rear-wheel drive.

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